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   Strength of this fastener is derived from the compression of the plates, mounted above and below the belt, with high tensile strength bolts. this "compression" distributes the splice tension across the full width of each fastener plate. The holding ability is, thereby, increased by not solely relying upon the bolts to resist pull-out.

  Additional strength and resistance to pull-out is obtained from the specially formed teeth on each plate. These teeth embed deep into the belt carcass, but without damaging the carcass fibers.

  A tight butt splice is achieved through the exaggerated bolt hole spacing in the temple which forces the belt ends together. And, the Bolt Solid Plate Fasteners permit natural conformance with toughing or transition idlers.

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Product Description:

Steel Belt Lacing has continuous claws, no risk to contaminated the carried product.It is easy to install with hammer tool.

Technical data

  1 140 190 2 2 1/2
Belt thickness, mm 5 - 11 5 - 11 8 - 14 11 - 17 14-21 19-25
Mini pulley Ø, mm 250 300 400 400 700 1 000


  • Continuous claws : cannot contaminate the carried product
  • Easy and simple to install with the hammer tool
  • Low flush finish on belt
  • Perfect for transmission belt (leather/cotton/PVC-PU)

Steel quality / Galvanized steel or stainless steel

Installation method / Hammer tool or Drilled

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