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  ElBaz provides practically every pitch length and material type of chain for purposes ranging from industrial fabricating bandsaws to chainsaws used in the forestry industry. Shop ElBaz for standard roller chain for motorcycles, bicycles and many other commercial machines using a sprocket driven mechanism. We stock one of the largest inventories of power transmission chain and the corresponding pitch Roller Sprockets in the world from the top manufacturers. Most chain is sold and packaged in 10 foot boxes or coils but when a larger quantity or custom length is needed we can supply reels in 50’, 75’ 100’ 250’ and 500’ that can be cut and joined using additional connecting links and offset links for your specific length. By using a Chain Breaker sold by ElBaz E-shop you can quickly cut, add chain pitch lengths and change-out existing change.

  Whether single strand, double strand, triple strand or quadruple strand chain is required we have the product ready to ship in materials like carbons steel, stainless steel and nickel plated. Our brands of precision quality roller chain are constructed from high quality, heat treated carbon steel roller chain and can be run between operating temperatures of 0º F to 350º F. Additionally we supply stainless steel precision roller chain which is manufactured from durable 304 grade stainless steel providing an excellent solution for harsh corrosive environments. These stainless-steel chains have a much higher heat threshold then carbon steel roller chains and can efficiently operate at temperatures below 0º F and above 500º F.  For wash-down and harsh environments, we suggest using nickel plated roller chain and dacromet coated roller chains which are ideal unforgiving conditions.

  Roller chain has (2) types of mechanical locking pins that keep the strand intact during stretching and rotation which are cotter pins and riveted pins. Both these pin types are typically available in either designation depending on the chain pitch requested. One benefit to using roller chain is its full interchangeability between brands and its ease of installation and maintenance without removing the entire sprocket from your machinery. When one link goes bad you can easily replace it in seconds with your chain breaker and a replacement Master Connecting Link or an Offset Half Link. Roller chains come lubricated to help minimize elongation, rust and sheering while the metal -on-metal contact with the sprocket engages between the rollers and plates. There is never a worry about quality with roller chain from ElBaz because it is manufactured in compliance with ANSI B29.1 standards.

  Have a heavy-duty job? No problem! ElBaz has every size of ANSI roller chain in single and double pitch, as well as, ISO Metric (British) Standard Chain and Heavy Duty constructed side plates and rollers to carry heavier loads in sprocket driven systems like abrasive material conveyors, large production printing presses and overhead crane hoists. Material Handling Chain or Leaf Chain is the most popular type of chain on forklifts because if has multiple lacing plates that move in perfect flow with each other and provide a very heavy duty tensile and load strength.

  Roller chain part numbers much like their counterpart drive sprockets reveal their dimensional specifications, material and type. See the below reference for a complete view of how easy it is to find the roller chain your looking for. If you need any help identifying your chain we will figure it out so you can stock up on all your roller chain at ElBaz E-shop !

chain chart

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  • 50-2 /OF
  • 80-1-OL
  • 60-2-OL
  • 60-1-OL
  • 50SS-1-OL
  • 50-1-OL
  • 428-1-OL
  • 420-1-OL
  • 415S-1-OL
  • 415H-1-OL
  • 80-2-CL
  • 80-1K -CL
  • 80-1-CL
  • 60-2-CL
  • 60-1-CL
  • 520-1-CL