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  Keep your chain drive system on the cutting edge with sprockets from ElBaz . We stock over 10,000 roller chain and engineering class sprockets manufactured from heavy duty forged steel that is heat treated and then finished in black oxide to resist abrasion, endure heavy shock loads and deliver longer life to the chain drive system. In addition to steel sprockets ElBaz stocks a complete line of Stainless Steel sprockets for atmospheres where complete corrosion resistance is required.

  A chain sprocket is a circular type of gear that uses identical pitch chains to rotate the teeth in alignment when mounted on a parallel shaft.  Roller chain sprockets are used in oilfield operations, quarry rock crushing equipment, on conveyor belts, vehicle transmissions and dredging equipment where durable heavy metal components can take a lot of load and abuse without failure. At ElBaz you can choose the exact chain pitch, bore size, hub style and type of sprocket your machine requires. Our stocked sprockets have flame cut teeth that are symmetrical to the other teeth around the circumference of the sprockets pitch diameter and root diameter.  At ElBaz you can shop a  variety of sizes and models including Plain Stock Bore Sprockets without a keyways and setscrews for easy re-boring, Fixed Bore Sprockets having machined to industry standard shaft sizes with a standard keyway and setscrews and Bushing Bore Sprockets in both QD and Taperlock styles to make change-outs fast and easy.  Not every application uses a standard single strand chain and sprocket which is why ElBaz stocks multi-strand sprockets capable of handling a triple strand roller chain. Everyone has seen the typical the standard Single Pitch sprocket on their bicycle as a kid but some recreational vehicles actually need a little more power to run their engines and transmissions.  This is why the single pitch sprocket is the most common and most versatile sprocket in the world. 

  ElBaz sells single sprockets up to 3-Strand Single Sprockets with a B Hub. This gives the sprocket 3 times the torque and load carrying capability on a single sprocket unit.  The Double-Single Sprocket has the same ANSI/ASME design as a single pitch and uses standard pitch ANSI roller chain but allows you to run 2 strands of that are independent of each other at the same time using a single sprocket.  Unlike a 2-Strand Single Pitch Sprocket these sprockets have a solid center hub and A plates welded bilaterally so the teeth are at adjacent positions 90 degrees parallel to each other.  An Idler sprocket has the physical properties of a standard sprocket and is hardened for tougher surfaces but uses a ball bearing as the center rotation device and cannot be re-bored. Ball Bearing Idler Sprockets are mainly used to provide adequate chain tension and guide the chain around obstacles.  There is no tightener shafts needed with a ball bearing idler as the bearing is press fit into the sprocket bore with a standard ball bearing inner diameter.  The bearings can be removed and replaced as long as the bearing O.D. matches the original bearing that was removed. Double Pitch Sprockets also called conveyor chain sprockets have the same basic construction as single pitch sprockets but the pitch length is twice as long and are designed for slower speeds and lighter loads then single pitch sprockets.  You find double pitch sprockets in automotive assemblies, electronics and conveying systems.  They use half the amount of chain components making it lighter and quieter. Let ElBaz get you a reliable Flat Tooth Tabletop Sprocket for your conveyor system.  Our tabletop sprockets are made for high-strength and high-speed applications. While the most recognizable type of sprocket is the standard one sided B-hub sprockets come in 3 other styles for variations of processes.


  The most critical identifier of a chain sprocket is its pitch which matches the counterpart chain used meaning a No. 120 single strand roller chain will always use a No. 120 roller chain sprocket.  The below table shows the standard roller chain part number designations and their relative pitch sizes.  Another benefit to using roller chain sprockets is the ability to pick from a huge selection of diameter sizes and teeth counts as you deem necessary.  As long as the pitch sizes match between the chain and the sprocket it is irrelevant how many teeth you require or how large the outside diameter of the sprocket body gets.  You will still have perfect engagement and alignment of the chain and  sprocket as long as the pitches stay the same. When trying to figure out the size of your sprocket and chain combination keep in mind that the pitch of a sprocket is similar to drive chain and measured from the center of adjacent teeth at the midpoint They are not interchangeable between pitches which makes it very easy to identify and replace. 


 Here is how to identify the nomenclature of your sprocket. 


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